Fifa World Cup 2022 HCP Automotive Recruitment

The FIFA World Cup 2022

Here at HCP Automotive, we are very excited to announce the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on Sunday, 20th November, at the Al Bayt Stadium.

This will be the first time the FIFA World Cup has taken place in the Middle East. We want to share with you a few facts about the FIFA World cup this year and what makes it unique from any other FIFA World Cup held in history: 

  1. This will be the first-ever winter world cup held in the Northern Hemisphere. Usually, the FIFA World Cup is held during the Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Qatar is known for its sweltering weather conditions, particularly during the Summer, which has previously deemed it unsafe for football games to be hosted there. However, this year’s World Cup will be hosted in the winter, and Qatar’s stadiums will be fully air-conditioned to ensure that the players and spectators are kept safe.
  2. This will be the world’s most expensive World Cup in history. As Qatar prepares for the world cup this Sunday, they have spent over $200 billion on infrastructure, including stadiums, highways, and hotels. As a result, this makes this year’s World Cup the priciest out of all World Cups hosted in history.
  3. The lowest number of stadiums lined up. Interestingly, Qatar only has eight stadiums in which they will be hosting their FIFA World Cup games. This is the fewest number of stadiums that have been recorded over recent years. Seven of the eight stadiums have been newly constructed, whilst only one is being revamped.
  4. Record numbers of visitors expected to attend. As Qatar is nestled right at the centre of the world and is close to many other nations, record numbers of visitors are expected to make trips, especially to see the games unfold. According to estimations, approximately 1,300 flights will be made to Qatar daily for the entire month from the games commencing on 20th November.
  5. Cheap alcohol! – Although Qatar is unlikely to sell alcohol at their stadiums, there have been speculations that Qatar will have dedicated ‘fan zones’ where alcohol will be sold cheaply to fans. Qatar has undoubtedly left no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying its fans.

This year’s World Cup will help bridge the gap between Europe and the Middle East. This occasion will help unite both worlds, allowing them to make merry together.

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