Working in the Middle East

In the last couple of decades, the Middle East has grown into a hub of opportunity for automotive professionals from across the globe who are looking at relocating to the region. Locations throughout the region have developed into real recruitment hotspots that now attract a wealth of top international talent.

Alongside attractive job prospects with some of the world’s top passenger car and commercial brands and well-structured dealer groups, the absence of income tax in many countries in the region also offers a real incentive to workers. The steady growth over recent years has resulted in a surge in the need for foreign labour. Those with the right skills, who are willing to make the move, could be rewarded with a highly attractive salary and benefits package.

It’s worth noting that although skilled international candidates are sought after, government pressure on organisations to hire local talent has increased. Emiratisation, Qatarization, Saudization, Omanization and the like, are initiatives for organisations to employ nationals instead of ex-pats who, now, make up a large portion of the workforce.

Demand for skilled labour

Demand for skilled labour comes from large multinationals as well as regional firms looking to increase their workforce. Attracting and retaining talent is now one of the most important strategies for these organisations to promote future success and increase shareholder value.

With the Saudi government’s plan to invest over $370bn in social development and infrastructure projects to advance the Kingdom’s economic development, Abu Dhabi’s plans for 14 major infrastructure projects and Dubai continuing to be a hub for the growth of the region, there is plenty of demand for new skills across the Middle East. To secure the expertise that they need and to tackle the demand for skilled labour head-on, you may find that Middle East jobs offer excellent remuneration and benefits packages as well as ongoing training and development opportunities. Competition for roles may still be tough though, as many candidates are spotting the business potential and enviable lifestyle that the Gulf region could offer.

An appealing option

The climate, tax incentives, career development opportunities and change of lifestyle are all appealing factors for those seeking a new challenge. For insight into what it’s like making the move and working in the Middle East speak with one of our consultants, they will offer advice and guidance.

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