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As the age of newly manufactured combustion engines seems to be nearing their close, we must ask ourselves, how are technicians placed? Despite the influx of Electric Vehicles to market, we must remember that the countries banning the sales of new combustion engine cars are not prohibiting their existence; so, brands will still need to service and repair them.

Traditionally, technicians gain relevant certificates and further develop their skillset at dealer groups, manufacturers or independent garages. However, will the age of alternative energy vehicles force a shift in what new and existing technicians are taught? Will some technicians specialise in EV’s and some in combustion engine cars? With some brands only focusing on electric vehicle technicians? And, will all new technicians be taught to deal with Petrol and Diesel vehicles?

We have live opportunities for ambitious, qualified technical experts, such as:

Audi Service Technician

BMW Technician

Ferrari Technical Expert

Mercedes-Benz Systems Technician

Land Rover Level III Technician

Porsche Silver Technician

Audi Qualified Technician

BMW Senior Technician

Lamborghini Technical Expert

Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Technician

Land Rover Level IV Technician

Porsche Gold Technician

Audi Master Technician

BMW Master Technician

Land Rover Level I Technician

Land Rover Level II Technician

Porsche Bronze Technician

Porsche Platinum Technician

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The Audi E-Tron is the best-selling all-electric-premium SUV in Europe. At the pinnacle of design and engineering innovation, the Brand hopes to capture different areas of the automotive sector by planning to have over 20 all-electric models in its line-up. By 2026, Audi aims to eliminate the production of non-electric cars.

Audi Careers

Bentley Motor Cars

Unlike other brands, Bentley does not currently offer any EV or Hybrid variants to their models. However, with their famous W12 engine still fuelling the fantasies of petrolheads worldwide, there seems not to be an immediate need for them. In markets such as the UK, new combustion engine cars are banned from sale from 2030 and Bentley plan to roll out their EV offering by 2025.

Careers with Bentley Motor Cars

Sustainable investment has secured the future of their EV model from their Crewe plant in the UK. The impact of the Crewe plant investment means an immediate and long-term need for both manufacturer and dealer-based technicians.


To deliver 2 million EV’s to customers by 2025, having just passed the 1 million mark, BMW continues to build on the success of the i3 and i8. The Group continues to increase in popularity and benefit from the success of its city focussed Mini EV’s, and BMW themselves have recently introduced the iX. Continued innovation from the BMW Group creates more opportunities for their technicians to rise in seniority through increased specialisms.

Careers with BMW


Tuning the combustion engine and battery eras to encompass Brand values, Ferrari poses a unique offering to its specialist technicians. Ferrari encourages innovation from the 275 GTB to the SF90 while staying true to its thoroughbred racing heritage. New cars will still house the V8 and V12 engine variants for the short term. Still, one suspects that brands such as Ferrari will move into the Hybrid and EV era in the longer term but continue to call on expert technicians as their product offerings increase.

Careers with Ferrari


Committing over $40billion to the development of Electric Vehicles, Mercedes continues to innovate under its pledge of becoming an “all-electric” manufacturer by 2030. Mercedes have already become a carbon-neutral passenger car producer thanks to its early adoption of flexible manufacturing.

Careers with Mercedes-Benz

Kickstarting their foray into EV’s, the successful launches of the EQA and EQS focus on daily usability. With an advertised range of up to 260 miles, rapid charging technology has been introduced to place them firmly against their more established EV counterparts. However, Mercedes AMG continues to innovate in the combustion engine market, most recently releasing the AMG GT Black Series. With their most powerful V8 engine to date, Mercedes captivate the OPF-era of sports cars.

Automobili Lamborghini

Following Urus’s success as Lamborghini’s most sold vehicle, Lamborghini has made their intention to continue manufacturing combustion engine vehicles for the appropriate markets. Despite introducing the Hybrid/V12 Sian, the Brand continues to challenge the market with its more traditional offerings.

Careers with Lamborghini

A limited-series vehicle, the Sian is an insight into the creative minds at Lamborghini. With heavily ratified rumours of a more-available V12 Plug-in Aventador replacement on the way, the Brand is on the hunt for qualified technicians.

Land Rover

As the new Range Rover begins its customer rollout, we have seen JLR introduce plug-in hybrids. From the Evoque to the Autobiography, the Group plans to increase factory output despite current semiconductor and other supply-chain-linked shortages. Alongside EV’s, JLR has made no secret of their interest in Hydrogen-powered cars, primarily the Defender. Whilst the range expands, we expect further demand for competent, customer-focused technicians.

Careers with Land Rover


The 911 reputation continues to flourish; World Performance Car Winner of 2021, the Turbo S has continued to captivate the hearts of petrolheads globally. From the 718 Cayman to the newly released GT3, Porsche seems to do no wrong, and with the growing popularity of the Cayenne Turbo, Porsche goes head-to-head with market leaders in the performance SUV Sector.

Careers with Porsche

The popularity of the Taycan continues to soar. Unmistakable Porsche DNA in an efficient and sustainable sports saloon, the Brand have expressed their will to invest in the brightest talent to implement industry-leading technology into their vehicles.

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