Our Permanent Recruitment Process

The perfect employee

Finding the right employees for your company is no easy task, especially in a competitive market.


Following discussions with you to understand the specific role requirements and your company values, we build job and ideal candidate specifications to begin the search for the exact talent required for your future success.

Our teams’ specialist expertise across the automotive sector allows us to construct precise talent pools that align with the needs of our clients.

When sourcing talent for our clients, we leverage over twenty years of experience and our market-leading candidate attraction and retention systems and processes to locate the candidates best suited to a company’s exacting needs as quickly as possible. Necessary qualification checks are carried out before candidates are presented, including confirming a candidate’s right to work. Access to hard-to-find professionals with specific skills who might not be actively looking for a new position means no talent request is unachievable for HCP Automotive.


We will never put forward an applicant whom we do not believe in. Every application is pre-screened to assess a candidate’s suitability for the specific role we are recruiting.

From job skills, qualifications and brand experience to language requirements and individuality, we take a holistic view of every candidate to ensure they are put forward for roles that fit their career aspirations and the needs of the company we are working alongside.

Our team will conduct screening phone calls, video and face-to-face interviews with candidates to understand each individual and their career aspirations better.


After the sourcing and interviewing stages, only those candidates who match our client’s values and business objectives will be approved for an interview.

Utilising our vigorous recruitment selection procedure, we will introduce clients with up to three suitable candidates. For those urgent vacancies, our team will present candidates who are available immediately.

Prior to any interviews being conducted with our recommended choices, the client and candidates are provided with the guidance they require to ensure both parties make the most of their time together.

Clients are presented with an outline of each candidate’s suitability centred around our team’s discussions on their appropriate experience, skills, qualifications, and key achievements. We will also manage and coordinate an effective and speedy interview process, ensuring you obtain the finest candidates.

We provide candidates with interview guidelines to ensure they arrive at the interview fully prepared.

The team at HCP Automotive always put the needs of the client and candidate first, they are highly-focussed with probably the best recruitment process I have encountered with any Agency.

HR Director
Top 5 UK Dealer Group


Accepting a new permanent job offer is a big deal; candidates can have questions before they’re ready to accept an offer. To spare our clients time and allow them to concentrate on other business urgencies, we take responsibility for managing the candidate offer and acceptance process.

From the management of counter offers or salary discussions to coordinating references, we are equipped to take care of any needs the candidate may have, ensuring they can confidently do so when they accept an offer.


Our support and service does not come to an end when the employment job offers and contracts are signed. We know that how a new employee is onboarded can make a huge difference, so our team continues to offer assistance throughout the first three months of a new placement.

From onboarding process recommendations and assistance for employers to first-day check-ins to ensure the candidate is prepared and settling in well, we’re there every step.

Your Permanent Recruitment Team.