Alpa Patel-Senior Account Manager
Alpa Patel
Senior Account Manager
The Force Behind Automotive Talent Acquisition

About Alpa

Alpa is the international Senior Account Manager at HCP Automotive, renowned for her exceptional skills in automotive candidate attraction across the Middle East and Asia. Alpa’s thorough and diligent approach to recruitment ensures that she is able to qualify only the very best talent from all corners of the globe for career opportunities.

Alpa has an extensive network of candidates, ranging from technical experts to management professionals, making her the go-to person for recruitment within the automotive sector.

Her approachable and professional outlook, combined with her intelligence and infinite ability to attract top-tier candidates, has earned her a reputation as the best in the business. Alpa is transparent and consistently delivers outstanding outcomes, making her an invaluable asset to the HCP Automotive team.

“As senior account manager, my passion lies in adding value to the individuals we work with. Whether it’s providing life-changing opportunities for my candidates or assisting clients in enhancing their businesses with ambitious and passionate talent, the excitement of making a positive impact has only grown since I joined the team back in 2009.”

As an Account Manager, Alpa manages her team to support our COO Raj Kohli and CEO Ash Kohli in recruiting across these key market areas. With Alpa at the helm, you can rest assured that your career prospects will be met with precision, efficiency and excellence.