Appointment of a BMW Master Technician in the Middle East

HCP Automotive was approached by a prestigious client in the Middle East with a critical requirement: they needed a highly skilled BMW Master Technician to join their technical and training team. The ideal candidate not only had to possess extensive experience with BMW vehicles but also needed to be a high voltage expert, capable of handling the latest electric and hybrid models. The client’s high standards and the specialised nature of the role posed a significant challenge.

Our Approach

We commenced our search with a comprehensive strategy, leveraging our global network and industry expertise. Recognising the scarcity of such specialised professionals, we expanded our search beyond the local market, exploring potential candidates worldwide. We utilised our advanced recruitment tools and extensive database, reaching out to contacts in regions known for their automotive expertise. Particular focus was placed on regions with strong BMW training programs and a track record of producing top-tier automotive professionals.

Our Solution

Our diligent search led us to South Africa, where we identified an exceptional candidate who exceeded our client’s expectations. This individual was not only an accredited BMW Master Technician but also possessed advanced qualifications as a high voltage expert. Their extensive experience in both traditional and electric BMW vehicles made them an ideal fit for the client’s needs. We facilitated a thorough interview process, ensuring the candidate’s skills and expertise matched the client’s requirements perfectly.


The successful placement exemplifies HCP Automotive’s commitment to delivering exceptional talent, regardless of geographic constraints. Our strategic approach and global reach enabled us to meet the client’s specialised needs, ensuring they could continue to provide top-tier service to their clientele. This case highlights our dedication to excellence and our capability to solve complex recruitment challenges efficiently.