Appointment of Audi Head of Business in the Middle East

HCP Automotive was tasked by a prominent group in the Middle East, representing Audi, to find a General Manager who could propel their business to new heights. The client sought a leader capable of setting new benchmarks, fostering exemplary standards, and strengthening the relationship with Audi. It was crucial that the chosen candidate had prior Audi experience and a proven track record in leadership within a substantial forward-thinking dealer group.

Our Approach

Understanding the critical requirements and cultural nuances of the Middle Eastern automotive market, we embarked on a targeted search strategy. Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we identified potential candidates globally who possessed the requisite Audi-specific experience and demonstrated leadership acumen. Our approach prioritised individuals with a deep understanding of both Audi’s brand ethos and the operational dynamics of large-scale dealer groups.

Our Solution

We identified a professional based in the UK who exceeded all criteria. This candidate had extensive experience within the Audi network and was currently excelling in a leadership role at a significant PLC dealer group. Recognised for driving substantial business growth and operational excellence, the candidate’s background aligned perfectly with our client’s expectations. Following rigorous assessments and thorough consultations, we successfully facilitated the candidate’s transition to the Middle East, ensuring a seamless integration into their new role as General Manager.


Through meticulous planning, strategic networking, and a deep understanding of our client’s needs, HCP delivered a highly qualified General Manager who not only met but exceeded expectations. The appointed leader has since made significant strides in enhancing operational efficiencies, elevating standards, and fortifying the client’s relationship with Audi. This successful placement underscores our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive sustained success and foster enduring partnerships.