Appointing a Sales Director for a Dealer Group in Kuwait

Our client, a prominent dealer group in Kuwait, approached us to find a Sales Director for their premium volume brands, which collectively sell over 30,000 vehicles annually. The client sought a highly capable candidate with a proven track record in sales leadership, particularly within the automotive sector. Cultural awareness and the ability to seamlessly integrate into the Kuwaiti business environment were also critical requirements.

Our Solution

Understanding the unique demands of this role, we undertook a comprehensive search strategy. We began by identifying potential candidates with substantial sales leadership experience. Our team conducted in-depth interviews to assess not only professional competencies but also cultural fit and adaptability to the Kuwaiti market.

To ensure we presented the best candidates, we focused on individuals with over 15 years of sales leadership experience, particularly those with a history of driving sales growth and leading high-performance teams. We also prioritised candidates with a deep understanding of the premium automotive market and the ability to navigate the specific challenges of selling high-volume, premium vehicles.


Our diligent search concluded with the appointment of an excellent Sales Director. The selected candidate brought twenty years of robust sales leadership experience, combined with a strong cultural awareness and a strategic approach. This individual has since driven sales performance to record numbers, fostering team development, and enhancing the overall success of the business. Our client’s satisfaction with the outcome underscores our commitment to delivering focused, culturally aware, and highly capable automotive talent solutions.