Dealership Accountant

Dealership Accountant for Luxury Dealer Group

The Brief

Our client, a distinguished luxury dealer group based in London and the South-East, approached HCP AUTOMOTIVE with a crucial hiring requirement – the need for a skilled and experienced Dealership Accountant. The client emphasised the importance of finding a professional with a strong financial background and a deep understanding of the automotive industry, particularly the intricacies of luxury car dealerships.


Industry Specificity: The client required a candidate with hands-on experience in automotive accounting, understanding the nuances of luxury car dealership finances.

Senior-Level Competence: Given the seniority of the role, the client sought an individual with proven leadership skills, capable of overseeing the financial operations of a high-profile dealership.

Cultural Fit: It was imperative that the chosen candidate aligned with the values and work culture of a prestigious luxury dealer group.

Our Solution

Fifi Sclif’s Strategic Leadership:

Under the adept leadership of Fifi Sclif, our team approached the challenge with a strategic and tailored solution.

Thorough Candidate Profiling: Fifi and her team worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive understanding of the specific skills, experiences, and personal attributes required. This included a focus on automotive accounting expertise and previous roles in luxury dealership settings.

Extensive Industry Network: Leveraging HCP AUTOMOTIVE’s extensive network within the automotive industry, Fifi and her team tapped into their connections to identify potential candidates with a proven track record in luxury car dealership accounting.

Strategic Advertising: Fifi employed a targeted advertising strategy, ensuring the opportunity reached individuals with the right background and expertise.

Thorough Screening and Evaluation: Each candidate underwent a meticulous screening process to assess their financial acumen, leadership skills, and cultural fit with the luxury dealer group.

The Outcome

We successfully identified and presented a shortlist of highly qualified candidates to the client. After a rigorous interview process, a seasoned Dealership Accountant was appointed, bringing a wealth of experience in luxury automotive financial management. The chosen candidate not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, seamlessly integrating into the team and contributing to the continued success of the luxury dealer group.