Appointment of a Lamborghini Brand Manager

Appointment of a Lamborghini Brand Manager

We were engaged by a Lamborghini dealership based in Asia to search for a Brand Manager who would oversee both sales and aftersales. The dealership sought a highly skilled individual familiar with the Lamborghini brand and capable of driving performance across multiple facets of the business. They required a candidate who could seamlessly integrate into their team and uphold the prestigious standards associated with Lamborghini.

Our Approach

Understanding the dealership’s need for a candidate with extensive experience and brand familiarity, we conducted a comprehensive search, focusing particularly on individuals with prior Lamborghini or other supercar brand experience. Our team conducted a targeted outreach to identify potential candidates who not only had the necessary technical skills but also embodied the brand’s ethos and values.

Our Solution

During our search, we identified a standout candidate who had previously worked with Lamborghini and was well-respected within the regional team. His prior experience with the brand and his established relationships within the network made him an ideal fit for the dealership’s requirements. Recognising his potential to make an immediate impact, we facilitated discussions between the candidate, the dealership owner, and Lamborghini’s regional representatives. Our collaborative approach ensured that all parties were aligned and confident in the candidate’s ability to drive the dealership’s success.


Our search resulted in the successful appointment of a highly qualified Brand Manager. The candidate’s prior experience and respect within the brand network have already begun to positively influence the dealership’s operations. By understanding the client’s unique needs and leveraging our expertise, HCP demonstrated our capability to deliver exceptional talent solutions. As they say, the rest is history.